There are lots of chapters available in the Archero game, and you have to update yourself with each of them. It is important to make perfect strategies that eventually help you kill monsters easily. This post is all about the Verdant Prairie Chapter 1 of Archero Game.

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Introduce about Verdant Prairie Map

Verdant Prairie is the first chapter of the archero game, where you have to face lots of monsters and bosses. This is one of the easiest chapters to play, where you will not meet powerful monsters but have to face a variety of obstacles.

At the beginning of Chapter 1 (Verdant Prairie), you will find yourself in a blank room. Don’t worry, all the rooms are randomized to increase the player’s engagement towards the gameplay.

There are no definite locations of enemies, so be careful of your surroundings. One of the best things that impress me a lot about the chapters of this game is that all of them come with an unlimited number of combinations. It means you will never know what is going to happen next and which room you are going to enter.

In the Verdant Prairie, you have to clear 50 stages to move towards another chapter. This map is highly recommended for hunting because it is a completely fertile grassland that makes hunting easy for you.

Monsters and Bosses in Verdant Prairie

All the Monsters and bosses don’t have name tags attached to them. So I am taking the general names that are most famous for them among gamers.

Remember that angels appear on every stage which ends with the number 5 i.e, 15/25/35/45. And if you are looking for the treasure or fighting with a monster then your wait will end on stage number 9.

How to defeat Archero Chapter 1 Boss?

You will have to face and defeat a variety of bosses in the Verdant Prairie. I am providing these strategies according to my experience.

Don’t worry; if you are a beginner or not able to defeat the bosses, then you should first gain some unique weapons and skills. To continue playing this game and gain skills, you need Energy. We already write an article about ‘How to get Free Energy in Archero‘, which will help you stay active in the game.

So, below are the top 3 monsters from the Verdant Prairie map.

1. Red Skull

Red Skull is a Melee Attacker that doesn’t require a lot of effort to get defeated. Most of the time, Red Skull auto-split into two smaller skulls. This is the time when you have to fire each skull and then you are good to go.

Remember to destroy them completely otherwise, they will start chasing you.

2. Giant Stone Golem

Giant Stone Golem is one of the challenging bosses in Archero Chapter 1 Verdant Prairie. When you are battling with this boss, it starts summoning Stone Golems.

This not only ends here, the Stone Golems immediately takes the charge and start attacking with spreading balls. So always try to beat Giant Stone Golem from distance.

3. Red Dragon

You will enjoy fighting with Red Dragon as it is a powerful attacker which keeps bouncing from here and there. This Boss attacks dozens of red balls toward you, and you have to tackle them by moving up and down.

All you have to do is stay away from the boss and always be on the bottom side of the battlefield, which will help you to get rid of the joystick lagging problem.

Alternately, you can try Archero GOD Mode Apk, with which you can finish any boss with one shot. But that will ruin the overall experience of facing difficult enemies.

Final Words

So, this is the complete overview of Archero chapter 1, and I hope you get a great understanding of how to tackle Monsters and bosses in Verdant Prairie. If you are a new Archero player and want to complete information about each level, then I would recommend you to bookmark our website. Also, if you have any queries regarding the Verdant Prairie map, then feel free to comment. 🙂

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