Archero Changelogs (For Every Updates)

As we know, Archero is a famous archer game that gets new updates every week. Tracking all these updates and maps is quite time-consuming. That’s why we decided to share all the latest updated information about the Archero game.

Archero v4.7.5 – Latest Version

1. Minor updates and improvements in Gameplay and Security.

Archero v4.7.2

1. Minor updates and improvements in Gameplay and Security.

Archero v4.7.1

1. Newly Added:

  • Main Chapters
  • New System: Relics
  • Christmas outfits, timed event and gameplay
  • Lv.13 Jewel: new total Jewel level effect available now. Increased Lv.7-12 Jewel stats

2. Ancient Legendary Glyph quality

3. New Legendary Challenge season with Island Merchant event

4. Up-close Dangers and Flying Bullets gold and equipment drop rates up

5. Expedition stages up to 700

6. 5th support monster slot at Brave Privileges Lv.6

7. Main Chapters 16-40 stage difficulty slightly reduced

Archero v4.6.2

1. Thanksgiving Event:

  • Harvest Time
  • Dragon Statue rates increased
  • New Thanksgiving outfit

2. Added:

  • Equipment reset option
  • 8 powerful monster eggs
  • Main Chapters 45 and 46
  • 2 new powerful skills in Main Chapter 22

3. Optimization:

  • Antiquated Sword: Added 2 exclusive skills; Whirlwind damage and attack range increased
  • Hero Duel: Added 3 new skills; matchmaking rules tweaked

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