Archero Changelogs (For Every Updates)

As we know, Archero is a famous archer game that gets new updates every week. Tracking all these updates and maps is quite time-consuming. That’s why we decided to share all the latest updated information about the Archero game.

Changelog for Archero

We will update this page whenever a new Archero version is released on the Google Play Store. If you are confused about whether you are downloading the correct version or not, then the following changelogs will help you.

Archero v5.2.1

1. Chapter 59 has been introduced in the Normal mode

2. The Expedition has been expanded to Stage 890

3. A brand-new Legendary Challenge mode is coming, which will be available within a week after the update

4. An SS Grade Glyph can now be obtained by forging S Grade equipment

5. An interesting puzzle task event is on the horizon, scheduled to launch after this update

6. The skill user interface in Normal mode has been improved

7. The active skill effect for the Expedition Fist has been optimized for a smoother experience

8. Some crash issues have been addressed and fixed

Archero v4.7.5

1. Minor updates and improvements in Gameplay and Security.

Archero v4.7.2

1. Minor updates and improvements in Gameplay and Security.

Archero v4.7.1

1. Newly Added:

  • Main Chapters
  • New System: Relics
  • Christmas outfits, timed event, and gameplay
  • Lv.13 Jewel: new total Jewel level effect available now. Increased Lv.7-12 Jewel stats

2. Ancient Legendary Glyph quality

3. New Legendary Challenge season with Island Merchant event

4. Up-close Dangers and Flying Bullets gold and equipment drop rates up

5. Expedition stages up to 700

6. 5th support monster slot at Brave Privileges Lv.6

7. Main Chapters 16-40 stage difficulty slightly reduced

Archero v4.6.2

1. Thanksgiving Event:

  • Harvest Time
  • Dragon Statue rates increased
  • New Thanksgiving outfit

2. Added:

  • Equipment reset option
  • 8 powerful monster eggs
  • Main Chapters 45 and 46
  • 2 new powerful skills in Main Chapter 22

3. Optimization:

  • Antiquated Sword: Added 2 exclusive skills; Whirlwind damage and attack range increased
  • Hero Duel: Added 3 new skills; matchmaking rules tweaked

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